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INTERMETAL ΑΒΕΕ S.A was founded in 1990, focusing in the research, design, manufacture and trade of building industrial equipment, with specialization in architectural glass applications, systems and accessories, for buildings and residents. Aiming at the most effective presence of the company globally, we created the brand nameINAL.This name, in conjunction with the evolution, quality, cost-efficiency and trust, adds value to our customers, from which we accept all suggestions, to facilitate their constructions.

Mission of our company is the research, design, production and trade of building industrial equipment and the study and production of high tech machines. With the use of this technology the company aims in constantly improving the quality of its products and services offered to its customers.

Until now the company owns a contemporary production plant of 4.500m² at Koropi (Athens). In this factory INAL products are made. In addition at the same place one can find the general management, the customer support center, the marketing department, the R&D department, the financial department and the central warehouses. In addition the company owns extra warehouse facilities 800m² at Kallithea and 850m² at the area of Tavros.

The company also operates two stores for the better service of the customers of Attica, one at the area of Kallithea (200m²) and one at Acharnes (120m²).

 Company Targets

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